Relationship Problems? Try a Feng Shui Quickie!

A Feng Shui relationship is based on the following variables: communication, intimacy and healthy sexual expression between the beloved. In order to create a healthy and vibrant relationship we must improve the harmony between these variables and heighten the flow of Qi (energy) experienced by both parties. I will now make a few Feng Shui suggestions which will help couples achieve these goals.First, we must take into consideration the couple’s bedroom. Here is the place where most of the key relationship ingredients mix. A well appointed Feng Shui bedroom should consist of the following elements…A Feng Shui bedroom does not have any live plants!Plants take the oxygen content out of the room which creates a feeling of restlessness. Restlessness leads to irritability and arguing often ensues. Arguing creates disharmony and an unhealthy environment which is a deterrent in trying to create more intimacy and responsiveness towards one another.A Feng Shui bedroom does not have a television!A television in the bedroom makes a statement to the universe that you are choosing to watch television over intimacy and physical bonding. The electrical stimulation from the television also causes irritation which leads to irritability. I feel removing the television from the bedroom is probably the biggest singular Feng Shui cure that can be implemented.However, if you insist on having a television in your bedroom it should be in a cabinet. The cabinet should definitely have a door that you can close so the television screen is not exposed to you while you are sleeping.If you are currently not in a relationship and are sleeping alone (no roommates) you should still follow the above recommendations. Sleeping without the various disruptions caused by your television will help you to call in a new relationship.Pay attention to the colors of your bedroom!Keep in mind the principles of Feng Shui colors and Feng Shui sex are applicable to what we are ultimately trying to achieve. The better colors to use in the bedroom are earth tones that are pale and not too dark. Pale colors represent good Feng Shui yin balance, as yin represent female energy and brings nurturing and softness to the bedroom. Other colors you can put in the bedroom to enhance Feng Shui relationships and Feng Shui sex energy are pale blues and greens as these are very healing colors.Feng Shui Symbols are also important!Let us also keep in mind the importance of Feng Shui symbols. At this point, you can always accessorize the bedroom with paintings or statues of horses. Horses represent the male Feng Shui sex drive and potency. They keep the sexual passion of the relationship constantly on the up-swing, creating long lasting sexual desire between both parties.So get busy and enjoy a healthy and vital Feng Shui relationship and greater Feng Shui sex.

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